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IN THE  KNOW Wala Blegay

In The Know with Wala Blegay Promo

In the Know With Wala Blegay is the show that breaks down political issues to empowers and informs voters.
In The Know with Wala Blegay Interview Preview

Take a look into In The Know With Wala Blegay as Wala shares with Sade Dennis, G.U.M. Network Program Director some of the topics that will be covered in the new and upcoming show!

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What Happened to the Unions!

In this episode of In The Know With Wala Blegay, Wala breaks down the real deal about unions. She also interviews Ed Smith, Executive Director of The DC Nurses Association.



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Congressional Black Caucus Special Edition

On this special episode of "In The Know With Wala Blegay" We recap Congressional Black Caucus 2018 and hear a very important message from Congressman Gregory Meeks from New York! Wala also breaks down some of the very crucial gubernatorial races and gives you a sneak peak of behind the scenes that include White House reporter April Ryan and much more!
The Progressive Movement: Part One-Interview with Larry Cohen

In this episode of "In The Know of Wala Blegay" Wala breaks down the impact of the progressive movement to the Democrat Party. Is the term "Progressive" just the new buzz word or is it a real fight for the people? Wala talks to the guy who should know, Larry Cohen, Chair of Our Revolution, the Bernie Saunders backed advocacy organization.
The  Progressive Movement" Part Two-Interview with Senator Nina Turner

In this episode of In The Know of Wala Blegay  Wala talks to Senator Nina Turner, President of Our Revolution, the Bernie Saunders backed advocacy organization. You've seen Senator Nina Turner on CNN, print media, and other major national media outlets. Wala and Senator Turner sit down and get to the nitty gritty of the progressive and what it means for everyday hardworking people.
On this episode of In The Know With Wala Blegay: Domestic Violence Special. Wala talks with Domestic Violence Advocate Lynn Strange about her advocacy work AND her personal testimony. Lynn Strange also breaks down what community organizations need to do to help victims if domestic violence become survivors