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Not just TV but a multifaceted resource for communities of color.

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The G.U.M. Network is excited to announce we now have a channel on Roku TV. Our channel is free to add to your Roku. Watch our most popular shows, original series, Motivation and Personal Development, Business and Finance, Art/Culture/Music, Health and Wellness, Podcasts shows and more!  Just connect your Roku device, Toku TV to the internet, set up your account, search for “GUM” in your Roku (or search in the Lifestyle Category). Roku is a convenient and powerful way to watch TV without cable or satellite.

Click here to add The G.U.M. Network to your Roku channel lineup.

How it all started

The G.U.M. Network is truly God inspired and was already in the heart of our founder Sade Dennis. Loving all things content and media, Sade embarked on the G.U.M. Network journey January 2017. Sade wanted to create a platform for the many content creators to share with the world their talents and gifts while also helping them make a positive impact with the audiences, community and the world.

To take it a step back a little more, Sade and her band of content creators have been creating content for over 15 years even before they had a name for it. Sade has been and still is a force behind several successful brands, national and international leaders and organizations. Our content creators are known for their cutting edge talent, insights and creativity.

What’s unique about The G.U.M. Network is that it’s not just a TV channel but it’s a multifaceted resource and approach for communities of color domestically and internationally.